1 Strong Woman® Summit 2019 - Becoming Super in Self-Care w/KaMille Washington by Garry & Chavos Buycks Jr

1 Strong Woman® Summit 2019 - Becoming Super in Self-Care w/KaMille Washington

  • Learn how to put your self first without regret or guilt.
  • Identify the danger signs of the lack of caring for yourself.
  • Know the difference between avoid vs a void.
  • Overcoming loneliness.
  • Define who are you to you.

KaMille shares about her personal tragedy of losing her husband and how she navigated this season of her life.

About KaMille

KaMille Washington is a passionate coach who believes in the skills and abilities of people to have an active role in their resilience. KaMille has formally devoted over a decade of her life to serving others through advocacy and empowerment but has spent a lifetime connecting with and serving people from all walks of life. KaMille holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology with a focused education in Family Studies in addition to a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development. KaMille is committed to helping others and believes that people have the capacity to tap into and take charge of their development, motivation and growth. In her own life journey, KaMille has embraced both challenges and successes that helped gain clarity, find encouragement and shift perspective. KaMille's approach extends from an open spirit of transparency to journey with you to help you appreciate and honor your best self. If life’s demands are leading you to a lack of motivation and direction, allow yourself to dig deep to find the gem beneath the overwhelm to shift your perspective, reach your goals and find your purpose.

website: www.BeyondTheMosaic.com

What's included?

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Becoming Super in Self-Care w/KaMille Washington - pt. 1
49 mins
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Becoming Super in Self-Care w/KaMille Washington
49 mins