5 Things to Buy Your Young YouTuber by Garry & Chavos Buycks Jr

5 Things to Buy Your Young YouTuber

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What to Buy to Start Making Videos?

Parents always ask me what they should get their aspiring video maker. This tip sheet will help you understand the 5 most important things to get your young video maker. 

Most young people nowadays want to be the next big YouTuber. Whether it's streaming a video game or displaying their gifts and talents. 

Every video maker will benefit from having a computer of some kind. It can be a laptop or a desktop. They would also benefit from some type of editing software. There are plenty of programs like Adobe Premiere that is a monthly subscription, Final Cut Pro that is only on Mac computers, and even free mobile editors like iMovie for iOS devices.

After they get a computer and an editor the question is where will they get the content? To start you can use a cell phone or tablet that you may already own. But if you want to go to the next level more equipment will be involved.

That's where this tip sheet come into play. It lists 5 helpful tools that any film maker, content creator or videographer can use.