6 Day Purpose Challenge by Garry & Chavos Buycks Jr

6 Day Purpose Challenge

If you want to get pumped up about your purpose and overcome your fears, then this challenge is for you! Join GarVos as they motivate you with audible, video, and written challenges for an intense 6 days.

What's included?

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Day 1 - What Is Your Purpose?
What is Your Purpose
Purpose Pep Talk: Why Aren't You walking In Your Purpose.MP3
7 mins
Day 1 Discussion/Questions
Overthinking Your Purpose.mp4
2 mins
Purpose Unknown.mp4
2 mins
Day 2 - It's Not to Hard!
It's Not Too Hard
Purpose Pep Talk: It's Too Hard.mp3
6 mins
Day 2 Discussion/Questions
2 mins
Day 3 - It's Not Too Expensive!
It Doesn't Cost Too Much
Purpose Pep Talk It Cost Too Much.mp3
5 mins
Day 3 Discussion/Questions
2 mins
Day 4 - We All Have the Same Amount of Time!
It Doesn't Take Too Much Time and Energy
Purpose Pep Talk: It Takes Too Much Time & Energy.mp3
7 mins
Day 4 Discussion/Questions
3 mins
Day 5 - It Is FUN!
It's Fun
Purpose Pep Talk: Its Not FUN.mp3
5 mins
Day 5 Discussion/Questions
3 mins
Day 6 - It's Time To Walk In Your Purpose!
How to Walk In Your Purpose
Purpose Pep Talk: It Time to Walk In Your Purpose.mp3
7 mins
Day 6 Discussion/Questions
3 mins