ByChavos Fashion Inspiro Digest by Garry & Chavos Buycks Jr

ByChavos Fashion Inspiro Digest

I'm Feeling Blue - 5 ways to wear a jumpsuit like a Girl Boss! This 30 page digest will show you how you can wear your favorite jumpsuit five different ways, along with an inspirational word, games and more. 

What women are saying about the digest

“I love it, love it—LOVE IT!!  Blue is my favorite color too.”  
“I love it.”
“This is fire...I absolutely love this.”

What's included?

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ByChavos Fashion Inspiro Digest
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How often is the digest?

How does fashion inspiration once a month sound! 

Will a physical copy be mailed to me?

Girl no, it’s so much quicker in a digital format. Hope you’re okay with this, but after you  have read and if you still really must a have a physical copy of the digest then send us an email at info at ByChavos dot com and we will see what we can do just for you. 

Who is this digest for?

The Girl who was never considered fashionable nor stylish in school or at work but desires to be HER TRUE SELF in her clothing, who has a good heart and loves to be inspired, empowered, encouraged. 

Who shouldn’t buy this digest?

Girls who know it all. Girls who think they have it all together. Girls who already think they know how to dress and style themselves. Girls who don’t like fashion inspiration digests. Girls who came out of the womb wearing a fashionable dress and were handed a fashion silver spoon. Girls who think no one can inspire them and encourage them in their wardrobe. This is NOT for those girls. 

Can I get my money back?

Hmmmm...well since this is a digital product and it is an immediate download so we can't do refunds. We are a green and digital  business in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Can I resell this product via digital or print?

Oh that’s a big NO NO because the images and contents in the digest are copyrighted. We have a copyright responsibility by law to protect our stuff and request that no part of this digest be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the publisher at info dot We’re just trying to stay legal Girl! We don’t want to deal with lawsuits, courts, judges and lawyers.

Are there any affiliate opportunities?

Girl yeah! You want to be our new BFF and join the ByChavos affiliate program and make a little cash. Please email us at and put in the subject "I want to be an Affiliate." We will review it and get back with you as soon as possible.  

How do I sell my products in this digest?

Girl, you got some fun and unique products you want to sell. We would love to partner with you! Will you do us a favor and fill out the application to become a partner and we will review your products and see if it fits our vision and mission. We look forward to a new friendship.