Parents Basic Equipment Buying Guide for Your Young Youtubers by Garry & Chavos Buycks Jr

Parents Basic Equipment Buying Guide for Your Young Youtubers

Be the cool parent or grandparent and get your young film maker exactly what they want!

Getting the Right Camera Gear Is Difficult

I have talked with several parents who have children who want to be video makers. Their number one question is, "What should I buy my child to help them get started?" 

Buying video equipment is not like buying a video game. Often the student is not even sure what equipment is best. It takes research and a lot of time to ensure you are making the right investment.

There are so many camera, microphone, and lighting options that it's nearly impossible to understand the difference of all of them. 

That's why I created this guide. To help you make the best choice to get started. I have narrowed down the buying options to less than 20 different items that are sure to help you and your young videographer get started. Each item has at least 3 different pricing options for you to make a choice that fits your budget.

As you watch the tutorial you will know exactly the best camera and equipment to buy your young video maker.

What's included?

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Parents Basic Equipment Buying Guide for Your Young Youtuber
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Young Youtuber TipSheet
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Parent Buying Guide Introduction
2 mins
A Camera
Parent Buying Guide to Cameras
8 mins
Great Budget Friendly Video Cameras
Oldest Camera with Great Autofocus
Great Small Camera
Great All Around Camera with Mic and Headphone Port
Great Autofocus but More Expensive
Refurbished Camera Deals
A Gorillapod
Parent Buying Guide to Gorillapod
3 mins
Best For Small Cameras
Will Hold All Recommended Cameras
Will Hold Any Size Camera
Boom/Shotgun Microphone
Parent Buying Guide to Microphones
3 mins
Budget Friendly But Versatile
Small and Powerful
No Compromises on Quality or Price
A Flexible Light
Parent Buying Guide to Lights
4 mins
Inexpensive and Versatile
LED Dimmable Bulb
Small and Battery Powered
Great Kit with 2 Lights and Stands
SD Cards
Parent Buying Guide to SD Cards
3 mins
Minimum Size Card
Medium Sized Card
Large Card
Parent Buying Guide Conclusion
2 mins